Lifespeed Mobile Tutorial

This simple guide will teach you how to use the Lifespeed Mobile app. You will learn how to connect to a data source, view your records, upload your own medical photos & documents, and browse your LIFESTREAM.


Step 1: Search

1. Select the + icon at the bottom Navigation Menu. 

2. Type in the search bar to find your hospital, pharmacy, wearable, clinic, lab or provider. We refer to them as “sources”.

3. With over 25,000 connections, we encourage you to look for any sources you may have.  


Step 2: Connect

1. Enter your username and password for the data source. 

2. For medical records, your login is the same as your provider patient portal. If you do not have a login, please contact your provider.

3. App and wearable logins are created when you sign up for the service. 


Step 3: Collect

1. Once your login information has been verified, your records will appear in the Records Timeline. Some data sources may take a few moments to arrive.

2. Review your medical history to learn details about your health.

3. Share your records at your next doctor’s visit.  


Step 4: Contribute

1. Click on “Add Media” to upload anything that helps document your health: photos, videos, PDF, receipts, medical images & more.

2. These documents are stored in a private, encrypted HIPAA compliant database.

3. Remove sensitive images from your phone’s photo gallery. 


Step 5: Learn

1. Browse LIFESTREAM to learn valuable information about health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness.

2. Like and share the articles that are meaningful to you and help spread good health! 


step 6: Like & share

1. When you “like” an article in the news feed, not only will your LIFESTREAM get smarter, but it will store your favorite articles so you can build your own library of health information.

2. This feature can be used to save important information for reference and to discuss with providers.