Lifespeed Mobile App

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Lifespeed?

Lifespeed allows you to easily download and sync medical records and health data from over 25,000 "sources". Sources are: hospitals, providers, laboratories, pharmacies, insurance providers, genetic testing services, wearable devices, third-party health apps and more. 

With Lifespeed, you can finally access and unify your health records from a single app. Organizing your data in one place makes sharing this vital information easy. 



How do I use Lifespeed?

For a detailed tutorial of the Lifespeed app, click here.



Why are my medical records important?

Have you ever wondered why it's so hard to get your medical records? After all, you paid for them and it's data generated from your body. It’s because owning your data gives you freedom. 

Having access to your health records means you, as a consumer of healthcare, are empowered. Empowered to seek alternative providers, opinions and treatment options without incurring extra costs. You are no longer locked into any one network, practice or treatment plan. You can choose the best, most cost-effective services and products in almost every other facet of life, but not in healthcare. But this is coming.

Access to your medical records is the first step YOU can take toward being an empowered healthcare consumer. Regardless of whether you're currently under care or completely healthy, preparing and having access to this information can help now and in the future. For many of us, remembering where our vital information can be stressful. Trying to communicate this information in an emergency can be impossible. It doesn’t need to be this way. 

In the future, access to new services (telemedicine, doctors on-demand, etc.) will be commonplace. Not only will this change provide you with more convenience, but even better, lower cost treatment options. In order to make your own choices, you need a way to communicate and share your health information. Lifespeed makes it easy for you.



Is Lifespeed Safe & Secure?

Yes. Lifespeed believes in the power of privacy. Your data is encrypted and stored on our HIPAA certified database. Only you have access to your data, and you are in control of who you share that data with. To learn more, please read our privacy policy.



How much is Lifespeed Mobile?

We believe access to medical records is a basic human right, so the Lifespeed Mobile app is completely FREE.

You’re welcome ;)



The Lifespeed Difference

Unlike many health apps, Lifespeed has the power to gather your records directly from your health providers systems and create a full health profile. What does this mean? Data is kept in a format that remains usable by your doctors. It is also formatted into a chronological, searchable timeline of events for easy viewing.

Competing apps typically gather your records by requiring your providers fax them copies. Not only is this time consuming process, but also archaic. Think back to the last time your received a fax (probably back in the 90’s). The legibility of that fax wasn’t great then, and still isn’t great now. A provider isn’t going to make any clinical decisions based off a faxed copy of your records regardless of how legible it is. Not now, not ever.